Group guided tours and activities

Educational institutions from pre-school through university and technical training schools, associations of children and of adults, coach companies and travel agencies, vacation and leisure centers,… Throughout the year, by reservation, we welcome groups for practical workshops on the the use of ochre and of color.

The content of each workshop is adaptable to the age and previous knowledge of the participants.

The group rate is based on 20 participants or more.


Full-day guided visit: ochres and colors of Roussillon

A day of immersion in the ochres and colors of the renowned village of Roussillon in Provence, in the company of a passionate member of the Conservatory family, will satisfy the curiosity and desires ofevery participant; the raw matter in the Ochre Footpath, traditional uses on the buildings of the village, the finished, manufactured product. The high point of the day : make your own natural ochre-based paint.

Public : Teenagers, Adults, Children, Professionals

COST : 20€/person for a group of 15 or more .

village de roussillon-philippe durand


Day-long guided circuit : from the pick to the paintbrush

Start the day in Gargas exploring the ochre galleries of the Mines de Bruoux (don’t forget a warm garment as the constant temperature is 10oC/50oF.) Return to Roussillon for the afternoon, visiting the Mathieu Plant where you will create your own painting and earth color chart.

Public : Children, Teens, Adults

COST 20 €/ person for a minimum of 15 participants.

Mines de bruoux 2-philippe durand


Half-day guided visit: the ochres of Roussillon

You’ll find that half a day in Roussillon isn’t enough to answer all your questions about the ochre that tints the soil, the houses, the trees, and even its residents. Choose your program and follow the guide!

Public : Teenagers, Adults, Children

DURATION 2 ½ hrs
COST : 13€/person for a group of 15 or more.

roussillon vu du sentier_philippe durand

Guided visit of the Ochre Footpath of Roussillon

In the heart of the open-pit quarries, you will discover the geology and the history of ochre, the means of extraction and the importance of ochre in the local archtecture and environment.

Public : Children, Teens, Adults

COST: 7.50€/person from 15 participants.

The secret of the ochres of the Luberon

The complete curcuit to know all there is to know about ochre. In the Ochre Footpath, discover the geology and the methods of extraction. In the Mathieu Plant, relive its industrial heritage and the stages of treatment of the mineral. Then make natural paints during a workshop of 11/2 hrs.

Public : Children of preschool through middle school ages

COST: 15€/person for 15 participants or more


Aquarello, the elephant that dreamt of colors

Just what passes through the mind of a grey elephant ? To wear a coat of many colors, of course! This is what children will learn while discovering Roussillon and its ochres in the company of Aquarello.

Public : three to six year-olds

COST: 10€/person for 15 participants or more


The color chart

A workshop for ages 6 to 106 to learn how to create a painting from scratch and how to apply traditional materials of painting : pigments, linseed oil ; arabic gum ; egg ;cream cheese; flour

Public : Primary school through teens, adults

COST: 10€/person for 15 participants or more
nuancier-ocres_philippe durand


Tailor-made programs


Businesses looking for a colorful, warm, and authentic setting for a meeting or seminar,
color or building professionals in search of knowledge and unexpected visits, specailized structures for people with disabilities, participants in the ESS network, wishing to share cooperative experiences


Ressource and training center on color, a welcoming, passionate, multi-skilled team who share their savoir-faire with participants of all ages, among a network of experts and associated professionals, in the heart of the classified ochre outcrop in a remarkable setting, accessible to wheel-chair users just outside of Roussillon.


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we rent indoor and outdoor spaces and equipped meeting rooms

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Le conservatoire des ocres et de la couleur

le conservatoire de la couleur

L'usine Mathieu, conservatoire des ocres et de la couleur
A l'image d'un conservatoire de musique, le rôle du Conservatoire de la couleur est de pratiquer la discipline que l'on entend conserver. Ici, la couleur se vit par le geste et par la transmission des savoir-faire. Le centre de formation, la librairie et le comptoir spécialisé sont au service de cette mission.
Société Coopérative d'Intérêt Collectif (SCIC) reconnue par l'État, ôkhra gère ce conservatoire en délégation de service public. Elle rassemble salariés, artistes, artisans, industriels, scientifiques, bénévoles et collectivités territoriales au sein d'une gouvernance partagée.

les salles de formation

une des salles de cours du conservatoire
Les formations se déroulent dans une des salles de cours du conservatoire, aménagées dans les anciens entrepôts d'ocre. L'usine Mathieu est une usine d'ocre réhabilitée, les stages se déroulent donc au cœur de la couleur.
Les installations sont simples, le luxe, c'est l'espace, la lumière et l'environnement. Les pauses déjeuners se prennent fréquemment en plein air (il fait souvent beau, vous êtes en Provence !).

Roussillon en Provence

le village de roussillon
Roussillon est un village magnifique, au cœur du massif ocrier classé du Luberon, et il en a la couleur. La visite du sentier des ocres, au bord du village, est indispensable. A quelques kilomètres, à Gargas, les spectaculaires mines souterraines de Bruoux valent le détour.
A quelques kilomètres d'Apt, on y accède par le TGV d'Avignon ou l'aéroport d'Aix - Marseille. De nombreuses solutions d'hébergement pour tous budgets sont proposées autour du conservatoire.