Workshops for art and color

Teaching and passing-on knowledge are at the heart of okhra’s activity. The training center, dedicated to the practice and use of coloring materials, is a privileged setting where amateurs and professionals, novices and experts meet. The diversity of the numerous workshops offered every year is proof of the experience united here where the trainers bring together historical and current techniques of their art, while integrating tomorrow’s innovations.

Trainers Artists, artisans, consultants, scientists, our trainers are all experienced, well-known professionals who share their time with us in the midst of their work sites, their research, or their missions.

Workshops are held in French, but some trainers speak other languages. As most of them are « hands-on » oriented rather than lectures, they are accessible with a limited knowledge of French. Please enquire if you have any doubt in choosing a workshop.

auvent demonstration philippe durand
The workshop studios

Training takes place in one of the rooms of the conservatory in what were originally ochre storage areas. As the Mathieu plant is a renovated ochre factory, training takes place in the heart of color. While the installations are basic, it is the space, the light and the environment that bring the extra touch of luxury. Lunch breaks are often shared outdoors (the weather is usually fine here in Provence.)

Main workshop themes


Cercle chromatique de Chevreul | photo Philippe Durand

Understand and analyze the phenomenon that is color : use its laws, harmonies, ranges and shades in the context of cultural, ethnologic, professional, or scientific elements.

sciences of color

EDP formules2_photo philippe Durand

Organized with the CNRS (French National Research Center) around the materials of color, a multi-disciplinary approach brings together research on color, sharing concepts and vocabularies.


pelles pigments - photo philippe durand

Interacting with matter and honing his technique help the artist refine his expression. Our experts share their professional techniques, their use of colors and personal tips.


Atelier dorure - photo © josé nicolas

Whether on metal, wood, clay or fiber, specialized artists and artisans initiate you in their procedures, the limitations they experience, their knowledge and its uses, while leaving full scope of your creative choices.


mur ocres et et terres- photo © philippe durand

Whether building or renovating, choosing non-toxic materials, knowing their characteristics, adapting their use to the nature of the building are the essential preoccupations of our training workshops.

Cultural engineering

arbre esplanade_ photo philippe durand

With 18 years of experience, its status as a SCIC (Collective cultural commercial company) and active participation in the ESS (Social and economic network), okhra will accompany you in the conception and fulfillment of you economic and cultural projects.


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Le conservatoire des ocres et de la couleur

le conservatoire de la couleur

L'usine Mathieu, conservatoire des ocres et de la couleur
A l'image d'un conservatoire de musique, le rôle du Conservatoire de la couleur est de pratiquer la discipline que l'on entend conserver. Ici, la couleur se vit par le geste et par la transmission des savoir-faire. Le centre de formation, la librairie et le comptoir spécialisé sont au service de cette mission.
Société Coopérative d'Intérêt Collectif (SCIC) reconnue par l'État, ôkhra gère ce conservatoire en délégation de service public. Elle rassemble salariés, artistes, artisans, industriels, scientifiques, bénévoles et collectivités territoriales au sein d'une gouvernance partagée.

les salles de formation

une des salles de cours du conservatoire
Les formations se déroulent dans une des salles de cours du conservatoire, aménagées dans les anciens entrepôts d'ocre. L'usine Mathieu est une usine d'ocre réhabilitée, les stages se déroulent donc au cœur de la couleur.
Les installations sont simples, le luxe, c'est l'espace, la lumière et l'environnement. Les pauses déjeuners se prennent fréquemment en plein air (il fait souvent beau, vous êtes en Provence !).

Roussillon en Provence

le village de roussillon
Roussillon est un village magnifique, au cœur du massif ocrier classé du Luberon, et il en a la couleur. La visite du sentier des ocres, au bord du village, est indispensable. A quelques kilomètres, à Gargas, les spectaculaires mines souterraines de Bruoux valent le détour.
A quelques kilomètres d'Apt, on y accède par le TGV d'Avignon ou l'aéroport d'Aix - Marseille. De nombreuses solutions d'hébergement pour tous budgets sont proposées autour du conservatoire.