The Ôkhra Project

ôkhra is at the crossroads of two cultures, that of color and that of the cooperative. In each area, history serves as a cultural base on which to germinate and develop knowledge and practices.


Industrial heritage

The Mathieu factory is located in Roussillon, at the foot of the Monts de Vaucluse, in the area of ​​the Luberon Regional Natural Park. It is a former ocher production factory which produced around 1000 tonnes of ocher per year between 1921 and 1963. Abandoned for several years as an industrial wasteland, it can be visited since 1994. The washing systems, the oven and the mills have been restored to understand the different stages of ore processing, from mining to shipping. This technical history of ocher is placed in its local and international economic and cultural context so that everyone can grasp the past, current and future challenges of this material which remains an unalterable natural pigment and has been used for centuries.

An exceptional context

The Mines of Bruoux

From the factory to the underground galleries, continue your immersion in ocher with a visit to the Bruoux Mines located in the neighboring town of Gargas.


Colorado Provençal Gargas Mines de Bruoux

Okhra – Ecomuseum of Color

Recent history

Many of our speakers worked on the course layout. You will discover artistic, contemporary and artisan works. At the bend of a path, you will see the sundial of Marielle Bonnefoi-Peterson, the luminaries of Claudia Serantès give life and light to our exhibitions, the sgrafittos made by the trainees of Solène Delahousse decorate the shed of the former foreman From the factory.

All year round, we invite you to take a guided tour to learn more about Luberon ochres, the Mathieu factory, the ôkhra cooperative and color. Through these guided tours, our desire is to share with you our passion for ocher and color. We’re here to answer your questions first. By appointment, the tour is also available in English, German and Italian. All groups are welcomed on guided tours by appointment and tailor-made schedules.

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Ocher, colors, lights for the horizon; Roussillon and Luberon for destination. The knowledge and know-how of color preserved and transmitted here offer the press and journalists inexhaustible and constantly renewed subjects.

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